Value Proposition


There are several benefits to customers from choosing Economic Forge Pvt. Ltd (EFPL) as their preferred supplier for round bars in the Martensitic and Ferritic (‘400 series’) grades of stainless steel.

We believe some of the major benefits are as follows:

Assured Reliability and Consistency in Product Quality

At EFPL, our use of only prime quality raw materials, deployment of a precise and rigorous production process and our non-comprising commitment to product quality – ensures only the highest quality of materials are produced in each instance, lot after lot. Customers can therefore be assured that materials procured by them adhere to the highest quality standard as required and expected by them; not just once but each time they consume EFPL produced material.

Access to Extensive Product Range

Be it any grade within the Martensitic and Ferritic family of stainless steel, any diameter size ranging from 9mm – 160mm, supply condition (H/T or Annealed), diameter tolerance (f8, h8, h9, h11, K12/13), length or type of surface finish – EFPL offers its customers an extensive and wide-ranging portfolio of products to choose from. For customers, procuring from EFPL is a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience wherein all material requirements can be met.

Swift and Timely Deliveries

Given our unique position as a dedicated processor of only the Martensitic & Ferritic grades, EFPL has a larger stock coverage of grades and sizes than competitors. At any given time, we typically carry several hundred metric tons of material in stock and therefore are well positioned to meet customer demands quickly – a key advantage in today’s dynamic and changing market environment.

Testimonials from EFPL Customers:

"Our customers explicitly want Economic Forge material. You have a strong brand name…please be sure I want to have Economic Forge to be my strong pillar in the Chromium grades.”

 – One of Europe’s largest metal distribution companiesGermany-Flag-icon

“Wanted to comment on the excellent packaging we received from Economic Forge. It is definitely the best packaging from any mill we currently buy from. The labels on the bundles are also very clear, easily found and very easy to check and find the correct bundle. My warehouse manager is very appreciative. Thank you very much.”

- A large steel trading and distribution company in Africasouth-africa

“Our machining efficiency has doubled since we started sourcing all our material requirements from Economic Forge; our biggest bottle-neck has been taken care of… "

- One of India’s leading agri-engineering equipments manufacturing companyindia_flag_48