Company Profile


Economic Forge Pvt. Ltd. (EFPL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified modern steel processing company located in Navi Mumbai, India. Founded in the year 1996, EFPL manufactures and supplies high-quality Stainless Steel bars for application in various engineering industries.

In particular, EFPL specializes in processing of the Martensitic and Ferritic grades of stainless steel. Also known as the ‘400 series’, this includes grades such as: EN 1.4006 / AISI 410, EN 1.4005 / AISI 416, EN 1.4021 / AISI 420, 1.4016 / AISI 430, EN 1.4104 / AISI 430F and EN 1.4057 / AISI 431.

Given our dedicated focus on (only) the above mentioned grades, EFPL processes materials to the highest quality standards. We use prime quality raw materials, deploy a range of highly specialized machinery and follow a precise and rigorous quality-control process to deliver supreme product quality.

In addition to our commitment to product quality, EFPL is guided by a strong philosophy of service to customers. We firmly believe, Steel is our product, Service is our business. We actively engage with customers to provide ‘value engineering’ services enabling them to unlock additional value from their raw material procurement.

EFPL’s emphasize on achieving the highest quality standards in product supply along with our dedication to customer service has been instrumental in enabling us to build long-term, mutually beneficial supply partnerships with customers in India and around the world.

Our customers include some of the world’s most renowned engineering brands. In addition to being a supply partner to several leading manufacturers of pumps, valves, pneumatic cylinders (piston rod), auto components, etc. in India; we export our material to more than 15 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

EFPL stands committed to continuously enhancing customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products in a timely manner at competitive prices – and in doing so we aim to be our customer’s first supplier of choice for processed Stainless Steel bars.